Tuesday, October 17, 2017

"And it shall shine forth out of darkness" (August 30, 2017)

I always wish there was more time to tell you about all the amazing experiences we have had this week. And it was an extra long one because we are going to the temple today!!

Some highlights:
PATTY CAME TO CHURCH!!!!!! I don't know how much I've told you about Patty, but this is a miracle. We are so so so excited. And her husband came with her, which she asked us to pray that his heart would be softened and he would want to come. It was incredible. The branch did a great job of welcoming them in, and after sacrament meeting she gave us a big hug and told us she loved it with tears in her eyes. We are so happy ❤❤

We had a really good lesson with George this week as well. We have to have a lot of patience. We were trying to show him "The Power of the Book of Mormon" by President Monson, from last conference, but sometimes the Spirit has other plans and a different one pulled up "A Sin-resistant Generation" He loved it, and related to it really well, which lead to a good discussion about overcoming the world, and overcoming sin. He didn't come to church this week, but he is making small steps. 

And Jesus has been reading in the Book of Mormon, and he feels he has received an answer and knows it's true, and is continuing to prepare to be baptized.
We had so many miracles last week from setting inspired goals for finding new people to teach. We set a high number, and seemed to have no chance of meeting it, but we felt good about it and diligently sought God's help. And we met the Cortez family on Friday night, then Bianey on Sunday, both in the last few minutes of time we had, and it really has helped us see the miracles that come from having faith in our goals and that God always prepares a way for us to accomplish them. 

We are loving member work right now. Especially all the people we are finding looking for less-active, but finding out we actually have a wrong address, but getting to talk to the new people there. On Monday, folllowing this method, we met a woman named Cindy. We showed her the Prince of Peace video, and she immediately opened up and told us that her one month old baby is in the hospital, and she just got home to take care of a couple of things and was going to leave again soon. And she told us the peace she has found through prayer, and it was a miracle and exactly what she needed to show up right then and show her that message about Jesus Christ. We were able to testify of God's love and his power to answer his prayer, and I'm so grateful that the Spirit led us to talk to her in that moment she needed it. 

Fun facts and funny stories:

On Sunday, a newlywed couple in our branch spoke. Her parents are from Mexico, and he is from Utah and speaks no Spanish. But he wrote his talk and translated it with the help of his wife and Google translate. It was really sweet

An Hermana in our ward has us over for lunch, and friends, spinach mushroom tamales are to die for and I know how to make them now, so que bendicion

Our district is just us and one other set of elders, so the zone leaders have to come to our meetings as well. But our District Leader forgot about district meeting this week and we were just awkwardly waiting for them to show up to their own meeting...

One of our members gave us a huge watermelon, so we cut it up and have been eating watermelon with basically every meal.

Planning branch potlucks in relief society is everyone talking really loudly over each other about Mexican food and it is a beautiful thing. 

We taught Hno Leo what knock knock jokes are and he thinks they're hilarious.

Mormon 8:16 "And blessed be he that shall bring this thing to light; for it shall be brought out of darkness unto light, according to the word of God; yea, it shall be brought out of the earth, and it shall shine forth out of darkness, and come unto the knowledge of the people; and it shall be done by the power of God." I love this because it's not just a promise for Joseph Smith bringing forth the Book of Mormon. This promise applies to all who share this great knowledge and great light with the world. Every missionary, every member, who shares this truth, shall do it with angels on his side.

Love you all! And hope you have a great week. 

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