Sunday, July 1, 2018

"There is Sunshine in My Soul Today!" (February 12, 2018)

This has been the best week! 

We have had some serious miracles and things are really starting to pick up in Rochester. We have an investigator who lives in Zumbrota, which is 20 miles away from our main area in Rochester, so we don't make it out there a lot. We have an investigator there who met the Sisters on temple Square a few months ago. He has since read the entire book of Alma and is now tackling the rest of the Book of Mormon. We don't make it up there a lot, and they just referred him to us a couple weeks ago. On Saturday, out of the blue he texted us and said "I'll be in Rochester this afternoon." So we were able to meet up with him at the church, and get a member to come with us, and we had a great lesson about the Book of Mormon and the restoration and it was incredible. We also had a few other lessons with our other great investigators, and members were able to come, and it was great. 

Funny moments: 
As part of the transition from our dinosaur phones to smart phones, this week there was a SIM card mix up in Salt Lake and every phone in the Rochester Zone except for ours and the zone leaders stopped working, and they couldn't make or receive calls, and we were trying to get in contact with people and were worried our entire zone had been wiped out.
We got to teach Elders Quorum! They got up and said "Welcome to Elders Quorum Brethren...and sisters" haha. But we had a really good discussion about missionary work and how to do member missionary work and we are really excited for all the help we are receiving from members right now. 

The other exciting thing is that I hit my one year mark this past Thursday. So for all of you who still read my emails thanks for being such troopers and hanging in there as my grammar slowly deteriorates andmy vocabulary diminishes as Spanish takes over. It's funny that now when I pray in English, I say it in my head in Spanish then I have to translate it into English to say it outloud. 

This week I have been inspired by the words my great-grandfather, Bert Dickson, wrote home during his mission. This truly has been the adventure of a lifetime.  
"The past year has been one of the most successful and joyous years I have ever spent. A testimony of the everlasting gospel has enlarged and enlightened my soul. For me to stop and think and ponder over the mercies of God, wake my soul to praising my Redeemer for his mercy and goodness towards me. I am grateful for His placing me on the straight and narrow road. I firmly made up my mind the day I received my call to preach the gospel that I would make a new leaf in my life history and do those things that I was called to do.

I came, and from that day to this, my knowledge of the gospel has increased. The Lord has poured his blessings upon me. I rejoice in this Latter-day work and can see the hand of the Lord in it. We are all working for the same place, but let us remember it is only obtained through obedience."

In the MTC  we loved to sing "There is Sunshine in My Soul Today" and that most definitely describes my mission so far, even when it gets dark, even when things are hard, even if the sun literally doesn't come out for days at a time, there is sunshine in my soul because of Christ!! And I sing praises to my Redeemer for his mercy. 

Have a lovely week!

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