Monday, July 2, 2018

"For such a time as this" (May 10, 2018)

Hola amigos!

This week has been "so good!" We get to go to the temple today so that's why I'm writing a little late, lo siento. 

First update, we're in a trio now with my old comp, Hermana Hopkins! Last week we had Mission leadership Council up in Bloomington. There's been a lot of switches recently in the mission, and Hna Hopkins' companion went home, so we are training her into the Rochester life and it's been a party, we are seeing a lot of miracles in the trio life. 

For the meeting, we all sat in the gym in a big semi-circle and discussed the needs of the mission and the culture and the things we could do to improve. We all knelt in prayer and felt inspired to set a new mission focus on virtue, especially through exact obedience and increased purity. And we have seen a renewed sense of dedication among ourselves and the other missionaries as we are seeking to make more sacrifices to change ourselves and be more dedicated to the Savior. 

Then this past week was cinco de mayo so we had a PACHANGA! We had stake Conference, so we couldn't do on Saturday night, so we actually did it on Monday, el siete de mayo, as a Hispanic family home evening. It was a huge hit! We had a bunch of Hispanic members and English members come, and delicious Hispanic food, and games, and music. We were a little panicked because it started at 6:30 and at 6:35 we were still the only people there, but everyone showed up and brought amazing food.  It was a great opportunity for increased fellowship, and everyone had a great time and we are excited for the ward to keep growing and improving. 

We had an incredible Stake Conference this past weekend. Our stake president decided to have everyone gather at the stake center instead of broadcasting. And I learned so much, the whole weekend was about ministering and how we can reach out and love others. On Saturday afternoon we went to the leadership training session and we had a break off session and we got to meet with all the ward mission leaders in the stake and talk about how ministering impacts missionary work. We were talking with the branch mission leader from a little town on the border of Minnesota and Wisconsin that's in our stake. The missionaries were recently pulled out because of various obedience problems, and have not been replaced, and the mission office is getting ready to close and sell the missionary apartment there. The branch mission leader was talking about how his unit didn't have full time missionaries, then asked us if we had any idea if they would be replaced soon. We told him we had no idea, but that the mission is closing the apartment. He was vsibily disappointed then told us "We've all been fasting and praying for missionaries to come, so I guess we'll just have to keep on doing that" And it really struck my heart. There are many members in the world, who are praying for missionaries, who want good missionaries who will do the work in their ward and teach their friends and bring others unto Christ. And it made me ponder if I'm one of those missionaries, if I'm doing what's needed, if I'm giving it my all, if I'm living worthy of the fasting and prayers of the members who are pleading for full-time missionaries to come. Am I living worthy of the faith and sacrifice of the members with whom I serve? I have seen so many sacrifices from the many members with whom I am served. People who have nothing but are willing to give everything because they want people to hear the gospel. 

At the end of another session one of the members of the stake presidency shared a story that ended with the line "Why did we come here?" And not letting ourselves get distracted by obstacles but remembering why we came here. Remembering why we came here, why we chose this plan. And for me, remembering why I gave these 18 months to serve the Lord. It reminded me of the scripture in Ester 4:14 "and who knoweth whether thou art come to the kingdom for such a time as this?" This week I have spent a lot of time asking my self "why did you come here?" And it has helped me find joy in the journey, for such a time as this, to participate in the work of salvation and help invite souls to come unto Christ. 
Love you all and have a great week! 

Hermana Meredith

2. #Eternalcomps

3. Ice cream with the Mission President Barney after Stake Conference.

4. Los Hermosillo ❤❤

5. Breakfast with Hna Lopez!

6. Mona, this really sweet old woman we visit. We brought her ice cream and she was so excited. 

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